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Our team are really "into" SEO. It may sound strange but we really do find it fascinating, and as with most things in life if you enjoy it you tend to be good at it. Based in Camberley, Surrey, our team of SEO practitioners offer our range of services to companies across the UK.

The muk. way

We have been working with “search engine optimisation” or “SEO” now for over 15 years, it’s kind of what we have always done. We started basic SEO when Google entered the market and have followed their developments closely ever since. We were there when everyone held their breath waiting for the monthly “Google Dance” and changed how we did things as Google became more sophisticated. We have always found the process of ranking “higher” for keywords an interesting challenge and it is one that has fuelled the growth of our other companies.

Today of course Google is clever, really clever – we all know that. As such we don’t try to trick Google or use any techniques that work today but not tomorrow. We’ve seen the impact of operating that way and the work involved to reverse old techniques. Remember we’re often asked to sort out the mess caused by this kind of activity on new clients’ websites. We take the long term view that it is not only easier and more effective to work within Google’s guidelines but more importantly it doesn’t risk the online strategy or reputation of your business, now and in the future.

SEO and internet marketing is crucial to the success of most websites today. We have over 15 years experience with SEO and online marketing in everything from major sectors to small niches.

SEO in Camberley, Surrey done at Marketing UK offices, Camberley, Surrey
muk. offices, Camberley, Surrey

Who are we?

We are a team of approximately 30 (we can never remember exactly!) self-confessed internet geeks. We all have an  interest in how search engines work, experimenting on our own sites and learning how to do things better. Every member of the team has in-depth knowledge of SEO and we work hard to keep that knowledge up to date, regularly attending industry conferences, meet-ups and we love to share knowledge with our cool friends in the wider SEO community.

Based in Camberley, Surrey we are ideally placed to serve London and the South East although we do have clients across the wider UK. When we start working with you and your business we will spend time to getting to know your company ethos, approach and plans for the future. That way we can fully integrate what we do into how your business works.

We see ourselves as an extension of your own in-house team. We find that SEO “works best” if it’s not seen as some separate “dark art” that is removed from your business. What we do is clever online marketing with a twist and should be treated as thus. People that work together work better and that’s very true for SEO and online marketing. The closer we work together with our clients the more we can achieve – together!

If you want to know more about muk., it’s ethos and it’s team then please get in touch, we’re a friendly bunch.

muk. pricing

We’re often asked “how much” is this going to cost? Over that time we have found that every website requires a different approach and a needs a unique combination of work done. For this reason we do not have things like “Gold, Silver and Bronze” packages or have one set price. After all, every business is different and has unique requirements and at muk. we make sure that each internet marketing campaign is tailor-made for each client.

That being said it can be hard to get an idea of what the potential outlay is and if you are reading this there is a good chance that you are looking for a “ballpark” price. Any proper internet marketing campaign that has any chance of success needs to have a number of hours spent on it each month and for that reason our minimum spend is £500 per month. If this pricing doesn’t scare you off and you would like a more in-depth conversation about how we can help you success, please contact us.

If you would like to know more about our SEO services then please get in touch with us and ask all the questions you want.

Need help? You need muk.

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