Keyword Research

The muk guide to Google keyword research part 1

Most webmasters know or have a good idea of the market they wish to serve. Moving beyond that it’s time to start thinking about how that target market uses Google search. In part 1 of my guide to Google keyword research we’ll look at the basics.

The phrases used within a particular industry usually differ to those used by searchers. Often it is about putting yourself in the searchers frame of mind and talking the same language.

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Finding the best keywords to target in Google

Keywords are the backbone of any SEO campaign. Choosing the right or wrong keywords to target can make or break a websites SEO strategy. This post will outline how we go about finding the best keywords to target in Google.

Site owners new to the world of internet marketing and Google will usually want to go after keyword phrases that have the most volume. This make sense, we want to be getting the most exposure and these are the keywords people are typing into google most often. So why not optimise our site for those phrases?

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