Is Linking to Other Websites good or bad for SEO?

Working in SEO we often find ourselves the ones attempting to gain links from other websites in order to increase our sites authority. We try to understand why someone would want to link to us and how to increase the chances of success in that area. The best way to do that is to imagine the shoe is on the other foot and someone is contacting us attempting to gain a link to their website.

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How we do off-page marketing

"the fall takes no time and forever"Just as every company is unique so is the best method to obtain links, mentions and citations for each of our clients. Below is I have laid out how we do off-page marketing for our clients websites.

Suppliers & partners

When we start the back-link campaign we look to collect the “low hanging fruit”. We ask our client for a list of their suppliers and partners, and then approach those companies for a link to the relevant client.

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Easy(ish) link-building with suppliers & partners

Link building can be hard, really hard. Especially if you have no idea where to start or you consider your niche to be “boring” (we’ll leave the question of why you would work in an industry that you think is boring to one side for now!).
A good place to start when link building is with the “low hanging fruit”; these are areas where you already have a relationship with someone else, you can get easy and quick wins while boosting your link building confidence at the same time.
Make a list of “targets”

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What’s a worthwhile link?

One of the basics in SEO is that links to your site matter. The links you have from relevant web sites back to your own the better. There are lots of ways to get links, some of those methods have been talked about on this blog and many others across the internet but what’s a worthwhile link?

But before you can ask for a link, you need to identify the website that you want the link from. This blog is going to take a quick look at how you do that.

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