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The World of Search October 2014

This month has been a big month in the world of SEO, mainly due to the long awaited refresh of Googles Penguin algorithm.

Penguin 3

This biggest piece of news this month is that after over a year Google have finally released the long expected Penguin 3 update… well sort of anyway. Rather than an “update”, i.e. adding new features, it appears that this is a “refresh”, or a re-run of their existing Penguin algorithm.

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The world of search – September 2014

This month has seen a number of changes and news stories, as ever we have tried to pick out the most interesting and useful ones that to the world of SEO.

Panda 4.1

This month saw the first refresh of Panda 4, Google’s “quality” algorithm. So much has been written about Panda over the years that I won’t do in to details but it is yet another reminder to site owners that they need to keep their sites updated, curate useful content and pay attention to the trust signals that Google talks about. The bar of quality is rising, be sure that your site doesn’t fall beneath it.

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The world of search – August 2014

Even though Matt Cutts is still away Google have been busy! Here’s our quick summary of the most important items of search news this month.

Google updates Panda plus 890 other changes

The 8th of August saw an unconfirmed Panda refresh; while these refreshes are supposed to be on an ongoing monthly cycle this one seemed larger than most and so worth noting.

Google also announced that they have made more than 890 updates to their algorithm and other search tools this year! This shows the dangers of just focusing on one or two updates and ignoring the rest and we in the SEO world need to keep all the updates in mind when making changes to sites and link profiles.

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The world of search – July 2014

July has been a very quiet month for some search engines but Google have been busy enough to give us some interesting stories this month.

Pigeon update

The first, and possibly most important to us SEO folks, is that Google have released an new algorithm for local search results. It the moment it is limited to US English search results and has no name. However the SEO community have nicknamed it Pigeon for the time being.

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The world of search – June 2014

This month has been a relatively quiet month in the world of search. However there have been some very interesting and important items of news that are worth noting.

Press Releases

After Panda 4.0 one of the biggest press release sites, PR Newswire lost a lot of rankings, traffic and visibility is down over 63%. In order to combat this they are putting in place a host of new policies and will be removing any old posts that do not need these new policies. We will be watching their progress with interest but it is yet another example of how Google deals with duplicate content.

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The world of search – May 2014

The world of search went through a bit of change this month with a couple of major Google updates, some high profile penalties and other updates from across the web.

Google updates

Google Payday Loan 2.0

On the 20th of May 2014 Google confirmed that they had released their latest version of Google Payday Loan over the weekend and numbered it 2.0. The original update was released back on the 11th of June 2013 and targeted “very spammy queries”, typically these are links with highly optimised anchor text and links that had been paid for.

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The world of search – April 2014

World of SearchHere’s our April edition to the world of search, as always I hope you find it as interesting as we did!

Meta Titles

You may have noticed that Google doesn’t always use your meta title and description when presenting your pages in its search engine. This month Matt Cutts confirmed again that Google wants to display a concise summary of the page, and the site that the page is on, which is also relevant to the search query. If Google doesn’t think that your title matches that then Google will dig a little deeper and will look at the rest of the content on the page and even the links that link to the page.

The way to make sure that the title you want to come up does come up you need to make sure that the page title is clear, concise, relevant to the page content (and the site) as well as being unique.

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The world of search – March 2014

World of SearchThis month there has been some interesting pieces of news to come out of the world of search. Here is our quick round up for the most important items.

A Tamer Panda to Help Small Businesses

Ever since Panda was first launched small businesses have struggled to compete against the big and established businesses in their sector. Google have recognised this and they have said that they are working on a version of Panda that should have a positive impact on small businesses.

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The world of search – February 2014

World of SearchThis month the world of search has seen some quite interesting news come out of Google… well for those of us that like that sort of thing!


There has been three important bits of news to come out of Google regarding penalties this month. The first is that Google can still pass penalties to new sites. This means that sites that have had a penalty and then rather than try and clean it up then closed down the site and migrated it to a new domain name. John Mueller at Google stated that even if there are no redirects from the old domain to the new one Google can see that the site is the same and will pass that same penalty across from the old to the new. The only way to make sure this doesn’t happen is to re-design and re-write your site to ensure that it meets Googles guidelines on quality.

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The world of search – January 2014

The search engines have started 2014 with a bang and there has been quite a lot going on in the world of search this month.

Big Brand recoveries and falls

At the start of the month we found out that Rap Genius is again ranking for its brand name. It would appear that Google let them off their penalty after 10 days and an awful lot of link removing. This is similar to the other well know case of Interflora who took 11 days to come back. Big brands have a few things going for them when it comes to removing penalties, firstly they can employ a lot of man

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