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As geo-location becomes more important so to has local search. People now search for services and companies that are specific to your area and it's vital that your company appears in those results. See how we can help you improve your traffic from the locations that mater to you.

The vast majority of searches online are made with local intent. Our local search optimisation service will help you gain more online exposure in your target markets locations using our local search optimization service. At muk we have a proven track record of succeeding in this field. We work with a number of different small and medium sized businesses who focus on the area where they are based.

How our local search optimisation service works

In order to succeed in local search optimisation it is important to be mentioned on local websites that serve the area that you are looking to perform in. This can be done in a number of ways in include local quality directories, citations, making use of Google+ as well as making sure that your site is optimised for local search terms such as the names of towns or local areas.

local search optimisation service

Citations that include a NAP

To gain higher rankings in organic local search it is important that many outside sources cite your business name, address and phone number or NAP for short.

Our Local search optimisation service will seek out and contact high authority websites to cite your companies NAP. We also check your competitors to see where they have citations. By matching your top ranking competitors then adding more of our own citations we are able to out rank the competition.

local search optimisation service

Targeted landing pages for local keywords

Your company may be local but targeting many different towns in the surrounding area. You may also have many different services available. This can make things difficult when trying to optimise for all these keywords with just a few pages. We can set up specific landing pages that are highly relevant for each of the most important keywords you wish to target, after all not every town and village is the same. This will not only help gain more traffic from local search but also increase your conversions.

Setting up and optimising your Google+ local page

If you have a physical address you can claim a Google places business listing. We will guide you through the set up your Google+ local page.

  • Complete Set up
  • Claim your listing and confirm ownership
  • Optimise for your local market and categories
  • Add images, videos and extra details google loves.
  • Hard code schema mark up on your website that tells google about your business.

If you would like to know more about our local search optimisation services then please get in touch with us and ask all the questions you want.

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