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Thames Valley Windows are a premium home improvement company based on the Berkshire, Surrey and Hampshire borders. Read how we redesigned both their website and their online marketing strategy to start generating an increasing number of double glazing leads.
Double glazing SEO for Thames Valley Window Company

Incumbent problems

We first met Thames Valley Windows (TVW) towards the end of 2010. TVW they came to us with a number of goals that they wanted to achieve. Their current website was:

  • Looking “tired” and in no way reflected the size or quality of their work and business
  • Used the “wrong language” and did not cover their full product range
  • Not working at all as a lead-generation device. It did not visually strike the right tone; it didn’t funnel users towards a point where they could contact TVW and crucially it had zero focus on search engine optimisation

We understood that double glazing SEO was going to be a tough nut to crack but team muk. agreed to take on board TVW’s requirements and went away to consider a solution.

Campaign objectives

Thames Valley Windows wanted to use their website to show off the breadth and quality of their work.

With things becoming more competitive in the double glazing market they also wanted to create a niche for their business. TVW sought to align themselves more closely with specialist and niche products, positioning themselves away from the pile it high, sell it cheap mass double glazing market.

Double glazing SEO - Thames Valley Windows

They still wanted to generate leads for and sell “standard” windows and doors so this was going to be a tricky design and SEO campaign; moving the business into a new market without alienating existing clients.

In terms of the double glazing SEO campaign, the campaign targets were the traditional ones. Like most companies TVW wanted to attract new business so the “normal” aims of increased rankings, traffic and conversion rate were all important.

We agreed to manage an Ad Words campaign to dovetail their organic rankings and traffic. We realised that some keywords would perform better than others in the short term and decided to target some phrases where we may not rank immediately well.

We also took it upon ourselves to manage their social media outlets, particularly Face Book and Google +. We really love the products and level of service that TVW offer their clients and agreed to throw everything at it to see what we could achieve. Double glazing SEO is a competitive space after all!

What we did (double glazing SEO and more)

So we redesigned the website with the aim of properly representing their product range and client market. The website was built on a new content management system to encourage regular updates (always useful for SEO) and completely restructured. New glazing and window products were added to the website alongside the traditional “double glazing” range.

The website content was reviewed and completely rewritten with the aid of TVW.

A full on-page optimisation audit was conducted to make sure that every page was correctly optimised for its target keywords. We also made sure that all pages were correctly interlinked and that the user journey through the website was natural and valid.

All product imagery was updated and optimised for performance. Users tend to react well to good photography in this type of market and we knew that sourcing the very best photography possible would have a positive effect on conversion rates.

TVW works on some cracking projects and we were keen to highlight this to new customers. We felt that a detailed “Recent Projects” area would both work well as an interesting double glazing SEO resource. We also felt that recent projects would help conversion rates if new clients could see the windows and doors that they were thinking of purchasing in local properties. Providing “before” and “after” photos took potential clients on a journey and, we felt, helped them to aspire to a new way of life.

The social media outlets were set-up and made to look “pretty”. We also set-up and configured some new Ad Words campaigns ready for the launch.

Everything was good to go.

The results

The website launch went smoothly, with any old urls being permanently redirected across to the new. We coordinated the launch of our social media and Ad Words campaigns to coincide with the website launch.

The results were quite clear.

The effect of the newly created content’s immediately felt. Within days the new pages were indexed and ranking well, delivering an increasing amount of new, organic traffic to the website. The website started to rank well on competitive double glazing keywords.

As traffic and user engagement increased the site in turn produced a dramatic increase in sales and enquiries as the new design, structure and content improved conversion rates. Increasing both traffic and conversion rates at the same time has an accumulative effect on the website’s ability to generate leads.

The Ad Words campaign is regularly monitored for performance. Keywords are added and removed from campaigns to suit the needs of the SEO campaign and any marketing priorities for the business.

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